Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Getting this post in just under 4 years later....

My goodness, how the last few years have passed by too fast.  Vera is now planning her 5th birthday party, getting ready to join her kindergarten class in the fall, and getting ready to relinquish her solo throne of the house to a baby brother or sister.  Big things are in the works for this year.  We pretend to be ready, and Vera is playing her cards close to the vest.  But I think she will be super.

You might be wondering, what inspired Shannon to write a post out of the blue, 3.5 years after the last.  It was because of last night's bedtime routine. 

Bedtime generally brings highs and lows.  Last night was all of that and more.  The overlying theme to last night's bedtime was that Olya and I had been waiting all day patiently to watch the Season 6 finally of The Walking Dead.  Yes, Negan.  We thought we had it pretty well lined out: Carbs for dinner, bike ride and park after dinner, no bath, book, and then bed.  Our plan was moving along swimmingly up until the book. 

Now I should say, I love to encourage Vera with what ever she likes, especially books.  I do have a serious issue with the book, "A Giraffe and a Half"  by Shel Silverstien, though.  His poems are some Vera and I's favorite things to read, she can do "Me Who" by heart.  That said, this book only has 8 new pieces of information given throughout the 40 pages.  You just read the same lines throughout the entire book, it's eff'n maddening.  Regardless, Vera chose it, so it will be.  I'm down whatever, let's just get through this and I can feed my zombie apocalypse dependence. 

So I read the book, it drove me crazy, and it sucked.

After the book is cuddle time, then I generally get Olya to come in for a cuddle, and that is usually it.  Out for the count.  So I tuned off the light, snuggled in tight, an try to get Vera to put her head on the pillow.  Not happening.   She has to pee, she needs water, this is the wrong stuffie to sleep with, on and on.  It was relentless.  But the true gem came after her second trip to pee.  I'll just give the dialogue:
Vera: "Papa, I have to tell you a secret."
Papa: "Yes, what is it"
Vera: "Can you get Mama to cuddle now, because I am bored"
Papa (shocked): "I'm boring!?!?!"
Vera:(calming)  "No no no, Papa.  I'm bored, it's not you."

Well, this caused some serious introspect.  Was I boring?  Was I a narcissist, for thinking it had to be about me?  Was this the funniest thing that I had ever heard her say? YES.

This was not the end of the bedtime routine, but the rest is for another post.  Things kinda turned dark, so not to ruin the mood.

Needless to say, the bedtime was not a success in the traditional sense.  It did give me a chance to see within myself, and the comic genius of Vera.

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  1. If he fell in a hole that was dug by a mole....Maybe shoot for Alice in Wonderland next? I hear it's pretty psychedelic.
    -Trace Face