Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Getting this post in just under 4 years later....

My goodness, how the last few years have passed by too fast.  Vera is now planning her 5th birthday party, getting ready to join her kindergarten class in the fall, and getting ready to relinquish her solo throne of the house to a baby brother or sister.  Big things are in the works for this year.  We pretend to be ready, and Vera is playing her cards close to the vest.  But I think she will be super.

You might be wondering, what inspired Shannon to write a post out of the blue, 3.5 years after the last.  It was because of last night's bedtime routine. 

Bedtime generally brings highs and lows.  Last night was all of that and more.  The overlying theme to last night's bedtime was that Olya and I had been waiting all day patiently to watch the Season 6 finally of The Walking Dead.  Yes, Negan.  We thought we had it pretty well lined out: Carbs for dinner, bike ride and park after dinner, no bath, book, and then bed.  Our plan was moving along swimmingly up until the book. 

Now I should say, I love to encourage Vera with what ever she likes, especially books.  I do have a serious issue with the book, "A Giraffe and a Half"  by Shel Silverstien, though.  His poems are some Vera and I's favorite things to read, she can do "Me Who" by heart.  That said, this book only has 8 new pieces of information given throughout the 40 pages.  You just read the same lines throughout the entire book, it's eff'n maddening.  Regardless, Vera chose it, so it will be.  I'm down whatever, let's just get through this and I can feed my zombie apocalypse dependence. 

So I read the book, it drove me crazy, and it sucked.

After the book is cuddle time, then I generally get Olya to come in for a cuddle, and that is usually it.  Out for the count.  So I tuned off the light, snuggled in tight, an try to get Vera to put her head on the pillow.  Not happening.   She has to pee, she needs water, this is the wrong stuffie to sleep with, on and on.  It was relentless.  But the true gem came after her second trip to pee.  I'll just give the dialogue:
Vera: "Papa, I have to tell you a secret."
Papa: "Yes, what is it"
Vera: "Can you get Mama to cuddle now, because I am bored"
Papa (shocked): "I'm boring!?!?!"
Vera:(calming)  "No no no, Papa.  I'm bored, it's not you."

Well, this caused some serious introspect.  Was I boring?  Was I a narcissist, for thinking it had to be about me?  Was this the funniest thing that I had ever heard her say? YES.

This was not the end of the bedtime routine, but the rest is for another post.  Things kinda turned dark, so not to ruin the mood.

Needless to say, the bedtime was not a success in the traditional sense.  It did give me a chance to see within myself, and the comic genius of Vera.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Morning!!!

I really have no idea what time of the day you might be reading this, but people are more productive before lunch.  So........
Just wanted to put in some pics that I think are super cute.
 This is your first passport photo, hopefully first of many
 Teaching you kissy face, you usually just go in for a french kiss.
 this is your first smore, if you grow up to be anything like your mom, first of millions!
 deep thought here, your hat reminds me of communist Russia.  Your grandma probably got it.
 I gave you a mohawk, good times.

Grandma and Grandpa Clem got you this rocking chair, gotta love the pink!
And yes I am aware that this is a pretty weak blog post, but I don't really mind.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big strides lately

Big things are happening lately, Vera.  First, papa found time to catch this bad boy up!  This is huge, considering the last time I wrote on here you still were a big fan of avocado.
Next, you have really found your voice in the last week.  There was a time when we could count on you not having the lungs to really bug us with your screams.  That is certainly not the case anymore.  Mine Gute!!!  I have heard some pretty load noises in my life, remember your dad is a rocker, through and through, but you are the real deal.  Grandpa just came up for a visit, and he loves the screams.  I think he really just enjoys the sweet justice, but that is another post all together.
Also, you are so close to walking.  This is huge!  I can't wait to go for little hikes after work, and I know Mom can't wait to be chasing you around the house all day.  You have been very proficient at stair climbing for months now, and I think Mom is finding it a bit boring.  She will totally appreciate the excitement and challenge.  You have some toys that are pretty cool, and you love them.  Your Aunt Kristen gave you this giraffe "trike" that you absolutely love, it really helps you practice walking.  Aunt Shannon gave you a little walker that you really love too.

Here are some pics that I thought I would see if I am literate enough to attach, I guess I am!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Papa is officially capable of Zen

Picture it, it's 9pm, your 8 month old daughter has not "really" slept since 9am that morning.  You have been trying to get her to sleep for multiple hours now, with zero success.  It is my turn, for the third time, and I am completely focused and determined.  With the movie paused, again, I journey upstairs to relieve the already tense mamma bear.  Vera seems to be just as determined as Papa, this should be fun.
I go through my normal routine, bouncing, singing, humming, bouncing, and more bouncing.  Some may know that I use my child as an excuse to get my "ski legs" back.  This is done by the counting of 1000 bounces.  It usually takes about 40 minutes. 40 minutes in, and I still have a possessed  child. 
Time to get out the big guns, plus I really need to sit down.
To the rocking chair we go.  I like to accompany the rocking chair with a nice song that has been stuck in my head all day.  Today's choice, "Set Fire to the Rain" from Adele.  Vera generally likes my singing, not today.  So now I hum, the same song because I am just not that clever.  
Our rocking chair has a squeak when you reach a certain velocity of rocking.  Usually I try to avoid this, tonight is not usual.  Strangely enough it is working.  She is not sleeping, just not screaming.  I will chalk this in the success column.  
Another thing to remember when putting Vera to sleep, do not make eye contact.  This will set you back to the stone age.  So at this point I am treating Vera like I do Wal-Mart shoppers, and it's working.  Now I have to just wait it out, rocking and humming.   
About 20 minutes later I have her where I want her, time to achieve the goal.  I am at the finish line, just need to get her into her crib without any jostling.  It is like the .2 miles of a marathon, the hardest.  
This is when I find my true Zen capacity.
My first step toward the crib was great, so I guess it's the second step that's the doozy. My second step across a pitch black room introduce my pinky toe to the metal bed frame.  Agony!!!!  In my mind I was screaming curse words like only Grandpa Willy could.  I could feel the pain moving to every inch of my body.
I am Shannon's excruciating pain.  
That's when the true Zen came, not one peep, not even heavy breathing.  Just total Zen, it was beautiful. Maybe I had a bit of wiggle room to express my pain, but I was not about to take that chance.  Remember, we were about 4 hours into this project.  I know any spook would have landed us back to that horrible place.  I took a second to gather my composure, and finished the last leg.  
We know Vera is out for the count when you put her in the crib and she rolls to her side immediately.  This is exactly what she did.  
My success is rewarded with finishing the movie, which we both promptly fell asleep to.  I bet it was great.
Well Vera, I am sure this is not the only lesson that you will teach Papa, but it will certainly rank up there.

Monday, January 23, 2012

One Day out of Life of Baby Vera

Poop... No, literally, I pooped myself. Well, good morning world. Mom!!! MOM! Is she deaf? Oh, here, finally! Ahhh, that's better, clean butt. Now MILK! I said MILK!!! This woman is not the brightest candle in the church. Wow, what did you eat last night? Steak? Nice! You know, I love you, right?
Don't get too excited, I'm talking to the boob. Ok, ok, you are not too bad either. Stop kissing me now like the world is ending in 5 minutes. Stay focused, I will want my oatmeal in precisely 15 minutes.

Well, what's the plan for today? Some grocery shopping? Are people going to be trying to pinch my cheecks again? Then no thank you... Wait, is it a jumper I'm seeing??? WHOOT-WHOOT! I can jump! I can jump! I can jump! I can jump! ... and I pooped myself again. Damn it.

... Maaa! Let's go home! The funnest thing in the store is the paper bag from the banana bread you got at Starbucks. And don't put me in that car seat, you hear me? I hate ca...zzzzzzzzzzzz

What are you doing with my fingers? Why don't you cut your own nails first, ok? Give me back my pinky!!! ... Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Jeez, don't quit your day time job, Mom, because you are NOT a good manicurist...

...Mmmm, is that mango, you are saying, me likey! What's next? A walk? Great! Wait, why is everything white? Oh, thank God, the dog is still brown, I started to think I see milk everywhere. Milk... good... warm... Let's go home! GO HOME!!! Why am I stuck with her all day?

... Wait, is that Dad I'm hearing! Papa!!!:) Did you have this nose last time I saw you? Is it still attached to your face. Don't bounce me, I just ate! Oh, heck with it, it's so fun!!! ...Oh no! I told you not to bounce me yet. Now call Mom to clean up that puke from your shirt. And my pjs. And your neck. And my face. You know what, still it was worth it!

... Tired. Mom, are you done singing yet? Since you are not hitting Broadway today, can I sleep now? No, don't leave me here alone... I'm just 8 month, I need you, Mom. I love you, don't go!! AAA! aaaa! a! Whatever, I'm too tired.... Let me recharge and talk to you again in a couple of hours... What? My pediatricians says 8? These adult are like babies sometimes...

Friday, January 20, 2012

the first step is a doozy

So, I have been tossing this idea around with the wife for sometime now.  Today, I make the move.
The main reason for the blog, to show Vera when she is older, and give a pretty cool timeline to her.  Vera is not our dog, that's Libby.  Vera is our amazing daughter, she is kind of a big deal in the Clem household.  She was born May 16, 2011, was that a full moon?
Who am I talking to anyway???? I am having a hard time keeping track of context.
Our family is rad.
Playing the part of wife and general, Olya.  She makes everything happen, even if she has to make repeated suggestions.  We have been married for ....... 3 years, ya 3 years.  Besides running the show, she is a grad student at UAA, in psychology, destine for success.  If you know Olya, you know how she can get between one's ears.
Subordinates in the house include me, Shannon, and Libby.  I should make a correction here, Vera is the true boss, we refer to her as the terrorist, or Bin Laden.  We live in constant concern, just the way the man wants us to be.  
We live a full life in Anchorage AK, and love it.  Even as I type this, the daytime high is expected to be a balmy -5F. With that said, our full life will consist of not leaving the indoors until this cold snap goes away. Ya, we're crazy. We roll with the punches, and try to avoid any kidney shots.
Well that is going to do it for now.  We will be making periodic posts, and I can only hope that Olya gets on board with this, because I have no dedication and for the sake of this blog, we will really need her help.
 Vera really enjoyed game 6 
Passport photo, she is really into travel.