Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big strides lately

Big things are happening lately, Vera.  First, papa found time to catch this bad boy up!  This is huge, considering the last time I wrote on here you still were a big fan of avocado.
Next, you have really found your voice in the last week.  There was a time when we could count on you not having the lungs to really bug us with your screams.  That is certainly not the case anymore.  Mine Gute!!!  I have heard some pretty load noises in my life, remember your dad is a rocker, through and through, but you are the real deal.  Grandpa just came up for a visit, and he loves the screams.  I think he really just enjoys the sweet justice, but that is another post all together.
Also, you are so close to walking.  This is huge!  I can't wait to go for little hikes after work, and I know Mom can't wait to be chasing you around the house all day.  You have been very proficient at stair climbing for months now, and I think Mom is finding it a bit boring.  She will totally appreciate the excitement and challenge.  You have some toys that are pretty cool, and you love them.  Your Aunt Kristen gave you this giraffe "trike" that you absolutely love, it really helps you practice walking.  Aunt Shannon gave you a little walker that you really love too.

Here are some pics that I thought I would see if I am literate enough to attach, I guess I am!

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