Friday, January 20, 2012

the first step is a doozy

So, I have been tossing this idea around with the wife for sometime now.  Today, I make the move.
The main reason for the blog, to show Vera when she is older, and give a pretty cool timeline to her.  Vera is not our dog, that's Libby.  Vera is our amazing daughter, she is kind of a big deal in the Clem household.  She was born May 16, 2011, was that a full moon?
Who am I talking to anyway???? I am having a hard time keeping track of context.
Our family is rad.
Playing the part of wife and general, Olya.  She makes everything happen, even if she has to make repeated suggestions.  We have been married for ....... 3 years, ya 3 years.  Besides running the show, she is a grad student at UAA, in psychology, destine for success.  If you know Olya, you know how she can get between one's ears.
Subordinates in the house include me, Shannon, and Libby.  I should make a correction here, Vera is the true boss, we refer to her as the terrorist, or Bin Laden.  We live in constant concern, just the way the man wants us to be.  
We live a full life in Anchorage AK, and love it.  Even as I type this, the daytime high is expected to be a balmy -5F. With that said, our full life will consist of not leaving the indoors until this cold snap goes away. Ya, we're crazy. We roll with the punches, and try to avoid any kidney shots.
Well that is going to do it for now.  We will be making periodic posts, and I can only hope that Olya gets on board with this, because I have no dedication and for the sake of this blog, we will really need her help.
 Vera really enjoyed game 6 
Passport photo, she is really into travel.


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