Monday, January 23, 2012

One Day out of Life of Baby Vera

Poop... No, literally, I pooped myself. Well, good morning world. Mom!!! MOM! Is she deaf? Oh, here, finally! Ahhh, that's better, clean butt. Now MILK! I said MILK!!! This woman is not the brightest candle in the church. Wow, what did you eat last night? Steak? Nice! You know, I love you, right?
Don't get too excited, I'm talking to the boob. Ok, ok, you are not too bad either. Stop kissing me now like the world is ending in 5 minutes. Stay focused, I will want my oatmeal in precisely 15 minutes.

Well, what's the plan for today? Some grocery shopping? Are people going to be trying to pinch my cheecks again? Then no thank you... Wait, is it a jumper I'm seeing??? WHOOT-WHOOT! I can jump! I can jump! I can jump! I can jump! ... and I pooped myself again. Damn it.

... Maaa! Let's go home! The funnest thing in the store is the paper bag from the banana bread you got at Starbucks. And don't put me in that car seat, you hear me? I hate ca...zzzzzzzzzzzz

What are you doing with my fingers? Why don't you cut your own nails first, ok? Give me back my pinky!!! ... Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Jeez, don't quit your day time job, Mom, because you are NOT a good manicurist...

...Mmmm, is that mango, you are saying, me likey! What's next? A walk? Great! Wait, why is everything white? Oh, thank God, the dog is still brown, I started to think I see milk everywhere. Milk... good... warm... Let's go home! GO HOME!!! Why am I stuck with her all day?

... Wait, is that Dad I'm hearing! Papa!!!:) Did you have this nose last time I saw you? Is it still attached to your face. Don't bounce me, I just ate! Oh, heck with it, it's so fun!!! ...Oh no! I told you not to bounce me yet. Now call Mom to clean up that puke from your shirt. And my pjs. And your neck. And my face. You know what, still it was worth it!

... Tired. Mom, are you done singing yet? Since you are not hitting Broadway today, can I sleep now? No, don't leave me here alone... I'm just 8 month, I need you, Mom. I love you, don't go!! AAA! aaaa! a! Whatever, I'm too tired.... Let me recharge and talk to you again in a couple of hours... What? My pediatricians says 8? These adult are like babies sometimes...

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